Getnode affiliate program

In order to participate in the GetNode affiliate program, you must be a self-paid member of the club. You will receive your individual partner link after logging into your system.

It is important to us that you know that 100% of the payment goes into the masternodes (or masternode pool). We only pay commissions from the income.

The payment

The commission of our partner program is calculated over 3 levels. If you refer someone directly, you will receive 8% of their earnings. If this person recruits someone, you will receive 4% of the earnings of the recruited person. On the third level you get 2%.

Everyone only earns when the customer earns

At this point it is important to mention that we pay the commission for the affiliate program from our management fees that have already been deducted. Regardless of whether someone was recruited or not, we always take the same flat rate to cover our costs and for sales.

We only take our administration costs and sales costs as a percentage of the profit. The paid amounts are paid in full into the service.