What is a Masternode Pool?

You’ve learned what masternodes are and how they work on the Masternode and Staking pages. So what is a Masternode Pool and what are its advantages? At GetNode, we have chosen this form of management based on our many years of experience in the masternode market.

Risk diversification

Low risk - good return | about 45%
Medium Risk - High Return | about 35%
High risk - extremely good return | about 20%

Good profits but never at the expense of security!

At GetNode, we want to achieve high gains for our members, but not at any price. That is why we look for sustainable coins and orient ourselves on high trading volumes.

We monitor all our masternodes and their coins. If the risk of a coin changes, it is sold and the bitcoin of the members are regrouped.

Growth of our Masternode Pool

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