The Masternode Pool

Dear investors, partners and members,

as communicated in our announcement of Jan 14, 2022, GetNode is ceasing active business operations.

GetNode will be wound down, all current masternodes will be disclosed and sold.
All customers will get their investment paid out proportionally in cryptocurrencies at the current state of value.

All info about the further liquidation can be found here:

Telegram link:

We continue to wish you all only the best.

Questions and answers

You can receive further answers by email via

We usually pay out every two weeks. Should the cycle be interrupted, this could be due to holidays or weekends. We try to optimize our processes so that we can pay out as regularly as possible. If a payout happens to take a few days longer, don’t worry, as nothing will be lost.

“It can take up to 10 business days from the time of the deposit to the activation of your pool share.

There are several reasons for this:
We set up new masternodes in the order in which money is received. Nobody is favored among others.
These are programmed by hand, which takes time, and once everything is complete, you are integrated directly into the pool.”

The membership for each Deposit shall be valid for a period of 180 (one hundred and eighty) calendar days and shall be automatically renewed for 180 calendar days if the membership is not cancelled by the User. The User may terminate its membership and use of the Services at

Our team now consists of 8 specialists. In some areas we still work with external partners. In total, more than 15 people and companies work on GetNode every day. We are always looking for new employees and partners and our team is growing.

Basically everything between 0% and 100% is possible within one year. We do not want to commit ourselves to a specific value, simply because it is impossible in this industry. A serious partner in this area runs a clean management and pays its members as often as possible. This is our aspiration, which we try to live up to every day.

This objection is fully justified. Anyone who wants to run his own Masternodes should do so. However, we see the advantage in a pool with several hundred Bitcoins, which allows a degree of diversification that is difficult to achieve by a single person.

No, unfortunately that’s not possible. Therefore you should be really certain about your decision before signing up and making a deposit. In this area a total loss is always possible, so please always bear this in mind when making your decision.

Are you 100% sure that you have entered the correct Bitcoin recipient address at GetNode? You should be seeing the payout in the back office and on the blockchain as well? In this case check the minimum deposit amount with your wallet operator. With some operators there is a minimum deposit amount! We do not carry out a new payout or collection of the credit below the minimum amount.

We generate different crypto currencies with our masternode pool. These are regularly sold for Bitcoin on several trading platforms. Therefore, the exchange rates of the coins to the Bitcoin differ in almost every sale. A constant payout is therefore not possible.

100% of your deposit (after transfer fees at the exchange) ends up in our pool. Our fees are based on a fixed percentage of the daily distributions. So we only earn if you earn. By the way, the same applies to our affiliate program, the commissions always refer to the current income and never to the amount that is paid in.

Yes. There is a referral program. You can receive up to 8% of the earnings of your recruited partners and friends.

The whole referral program stretches up to 3 levels with 8% – 4% and 2% respectively

In our opinion, the criteria for a good masternode coin are as follows:
– On the market for more than 3 years
– Stable price despite volatile market phases
– Active Discord Community
– Fast support from the developers
– A real project behind the coin
– Well-maintained website and social media channels
– Realistic block rewards

We offer our membership through two channels:
If you want to pay by IBAN, you can join the pool starting at 1000 Euro.

If you make a deposit in Bitcoin, this starts at 0.035 BTC.

Of course you can increase your share at any time. Many of our members would like to test the service first and wait for the first payout. We fully understand that.