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Hard-core crypto fans already have extensive experience. These have not always been positive. With our approach of focusing everything on the member and stable earnings rather than on the most lavish commissions for referrers, we prove that things can be different for a long term. Getnode only profits if the members earn well.

Masternode experts

Our Masternode team consists of experienced experts from the masternode sector.

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Market Leader

GetNode can proudly say: We manage one of the world’s largest masternode pools.

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Fair calculation

We pay your full amount into the Masternode Pool and take only 25% of your returns.

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In three easy steps, you are logged in. You can access our InfoPortal with video instructions in the back office. Click simply on LOGIN in the menu above now, or use the link which you received from your contact person or sponsor.


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You can conveniently pay your deposit in Bitcoin or in Euro into the Masternode Pool. The choice is yours!


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You will automatically receive your payment in bitcoin or euro. We will respect your preference.

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Questions and Answers

For more answers, simply email us at

We typically pay out every two weeks. If the cycle is interrupted, this may be due to a public holiday or weekends. We try to optimise our processes so that we can pay out as regularly as possible. If a payout takes a few days longer, not worry, nothing will get lost.

It can take between 10 and 14 days from the deposit to the activation of your pool share.

The membership last 180 days. After that period, the member (you) can have the percentage share of the pool paid out. If a member does not wish this and GetNode continues to operate the service, the service simply continues. After that prolongation , you can request daily for payout.

We try to make our services as transparent as possible for our members. You can see view an overview of the coins for which we operate master nodes in the back office. However, please understand, that we do not provide the exact percentage of distribution’s, For one thing, it is constantly changing and, then again we do not want to give confidential information to our competitors.

Our team now consists of 8 people. In some areas we still work together with external partners. We are always looking for new employees and partners and our team is continuously growing.

In principle, anything between 0% and 100% is possible within one year. We do not want to commit us to a specific value simply because it is impossible to do so in this area. A serious partner in this market runs a strong management and pays its members as often as possible. We aim to meet this standard every day.

That is a perfectly legitimate objection. Anyone who wants to run its own masternodes should do so. However, we see an advantage in a pool  which is equal of the size of several hundred Bitcoin and allows for a diversification which is difficult to achieve for a single person to achieve.

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Therefore, you should be really convinced before registering and making a deposit. Please be aware that A a complete loss is always possible in this market.

We generate different crypto currencies with our Masternode Pool. These coins are regularly exchanged for Bitcoin on several exchange platforms. Here the exchange rates of the coins regarding to , the bitcoins differ for almost every sale transaction. Therefore,  a constant payout is therefore not possible.

100% of your deposit (after exchange transfer fees) will end up in our pool. We keep only 25% of the returns of the Pool in order to run our business. So we only will earn if you earn, too. By the way, the same applies to our affiliate program, the commissions always refer to the current income and never to the amount paid in.